“Thistlethwaite combines great writing skills, deep knowledge of religion, and the academic settings in which the book is set with her insatiable desire to learn about things she does not already know. Read this book!”
–Harry Knox, Former President and CEO, Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

Where Drowned Things Live grabbed my attention from page one. Thistlethwaite captures the narrating character, setting, and taut story line immediately, and manages to delve into a variety of contemporary issues without losing the good-read impetus.”
–Jane Fisler Hoffman, United Church of Christ Conference Minister (Ret.)

“In her first mystery novel, Thistlethwaite artfully weaves together her skill in plot, characterization, suspense, and her intelligent and substantive commentary on ethics and the abuse of power. I look forward to more of the policewoman-turned-professor, Kristen Ginelli!”
–Gloria Hopewell, Rector, Grace Episcopal Church, Galena, IL

Where Drowned Things Live is intelligent, compelling, and thought-provoking. Thistlethwaite’s attention to pressing social issues in the midst of a complex mystery sets this book apart from its peers. I enjoyed meeting Kristin Ginelli and look forward to seeing the world through her eyes again.”
–Tolonda Henderson, Instruction Librarian, George Washington University

“Thistlethwaite deftly navigates Ginelli–the cop-turned-prof armed with street smarts, grit, and a penchant for philosophy–through departmental politics, single parenting, and murder. This is a great story that winds us from Plato through the University of Chicago and feminist theology. Thistlethwaite is the rare writer who can weave such a skillful and enjoyable read.”
–Burke Gerstenschlager, Senior Editor, Berghahn Books

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